Saturday, August 2, 2008

New bunny, and frilly tips

I finally finished the little "thing" I started when I went crocheting with shinykatie. I took with me some lovely lilac-coloured organic wool and had intended to make a little bunny, but then I got sidetracked by THE DRESS (which I have now abandoned, for reasons I will explain in a bit)...Anyway, I finally went back to it, and have come out with this:
I'm quite pleased with it, actually, and the frilly bits took a bit of tenacity, let me tell you! It's fairly straightforward, but very easy to pick up and lose stitches quite easily.

To make the frilly part of the 'gurumi, you alternate working in the front and back loops of your stitches: in the front loops, do a sc, 5 ch, then sc in next front loop, all the way around. Then go back to the back loops, and do a sc in each loop around. If you do any shaping (e.g. increases/decreases), do them in the sc stitches in the back loops.

For this particular project, the frills started out with 1 ch between every sc in the front loop, then on the next round, it was 3 ch between each sc, then 5 ch between. Doing this gives it kind of a graduated look.

Anyway, yes, the only reason I was able to finish this dude was because I have finally abandoned my dress, after I assembled the bodice and I had one HUGE armhole and one tiny one. Then I tried to fix it with the sleeves, but I used the wrong hook, and basically I haven't got the concentration to carry it on for now! I am holding out hope that I will eventually want to go back to it, but I was just missing my 'gurumis too much!

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Katie Lee said...

ADORABLE! You are so clever!

I *still* haven't written about our teaching day on my blog. Useless!

I'm about 5 projects behind on it as well. Must. Do. Better.