Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yes, I'm probably crazy

For those of you who haven't yet witnessed my insane witterings on about having been to London last weekend (and which I referred to briefly in my last post): I went to London last week to crochet with shinykatie!

It's a funny story this: see, a couple weeks ago, I was out getting schnockered (read: drunk) with some friends, prior to going to see the new Indiana Jones film (which wasn't great, by the way). Just before departing my friend Claire's house, and just after downing more cider than I probably should have, I received a tweet from shinykatie, with the following text: *text will be inserted here once Twitter sorts itself out...For the meantime, the gist of it was inviting me to do some crochet thing in Crystal Palace*.

The response to this, of course, was me squealing. And immediately replying that I thought it would be fun. To which shinykatie responded that she thought I was loopy. Which is probably true.

Anyway, long story short, I trucked my butt all the way from Swindon to London (2 hours in the car) to sit on a table outside on the street in Crystal Palace, chat with Katie, and teach people to crochet. It was one of the best times I've had in a long time. I was surprised, actually, how many people came by who were willing to just sit down at our table and have a go. I taught two lefties and a little right-handed girl (uh, and myself at the same time, since I've never crocheted right-handed!). I'd never taught anyone to crochet before, so it was nerve-wracking at first, but in the end it was really great fun. Plus, around lunch time, someone brought us lovely strawberry parfaits, which were highly appreciated.

I feel that I should mention that the whole thing was organised by the ladies at It's a Green Thing, a superb little eco shop on Church Road. If you want to see a picture of me crocheting at our little booth, check out shinykatie's moblog, and if you just wanna read another great crochet blog, check out Good Hooking.

Works in progress, or, why I've not made anything FUN lately

I've figured out WITHOUT A DOUBT why I don't make garments: they take too frickin' long!!! The problem is, I realise this, then spend ages not making garments, forget why I don't make garments, and then give it a go again. Stupid garments! This is what I'm currently doing, and why I haven't made any progress making all the cute little dudes I doodle in my notebook:
I have been working on this project for the better part of, oh, four weeks? Okay, granted, I made a custom order of two aliens in the meantime, but COME ON! I have the attention span of a flea, so this is torturing me. But I bought 10 balls of yarn for this project and I will not have them just sitting around! I've finally made the decision to put some welly into it and actually work on finishing it so I can get on with other things that I've been brainstorming, such as:
  • A little screaming devil dude, complete with pointy tail and horns. Red, of course.
  • A stripey French monster with a beret, using my two-colour stripes with no joins technique.
  • A lop-eared bunny out of lilac-coloured organic wool, which I started at the crochet booth in Crystal Palace with Katie from Good Hooking (I'll have to post about this shortly).
Ah, well, excuses, excuses, right?!