Sunday, December 5, 2010

Recycle used toilet roll tubes into gorgeous wall art!

Behold, internet craftarians!!!  It's my new crafty conquest, a gorgeous piece of wall art, made from bajillions of used toilet roll tubes!

It's taken me ages to complete this baby, even with a couple neighbours collecting cardboard tubes on my behalf.  At four petals per tube, and a grand total of 20 5-point flowers and 10 6-point flowers, that's 40 rolls of toilet paper used.  Phew!

To make this wreath/wall hanging, simply flatten toilet paper tubes, cut them into 1-inch sections (you'll get about 4 per roll) and glue them together to form flowers.  Then arrange the flowers into a design, and glue the whole thing together, piece by piece.  I used super glue, because it was the quickest, although you can also use PVA glue.  Also, note that I used a couple different brands of toilet roll on this one; the 6-pointed flowers have different-sized petals than the 5-pointed ones.  This was entirely accidental on my part, but it turned out pretty nice!  When the weather gets warmer, I will spray-paint this wall hanging a nice, deep red, but for now, it's staying au naturel.  Mounting is pretty simple, too, it will just take a few small nails in the wall, and it can be hung directly on them.

Some closeups for you, so you can see the details:
I can't take any credit for this idea, I must confess.  The rather lengthy list of credits: