Saturday, March 22, 2008

What's cuter?

Okay, folks, so the question is, what's cuter? Generally speaking, the rules of cuteness state (okay, slightly paraphrased) that the bigger the head, proportionally speaking, the cuter something is. So I modified Poppet (the white kitten) to have a bigger head (the blue kitten), but actually, I'm not sure. I kind of liked Poppet as she was.

Any opinions?


Scott said...

I think the white one's cuter, too, despite the smaller head. I thought the rule was "larger eye size:head size ratio = cuter"--hence, cute baby animals, and cuter smaller head. :)

noisypitta said...

That's a good point, about the eye size to head size ratio! When I was making the head, I tried out the next size bigger eyes (12mm) but they were a little *too* big. I need something in-between!