Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baby Birds!

Ooh, you are gonna LOVE this! I've got new eye candy for y'all :)

First off, in the spirit of the coming Easter holiday, and because Spring is gonna spring, like, ANY TIME NOW, I've been making up some baby birds and chicks:
Isn't it cute? Well, it's a funny story, actually...

I was in Bourton-on-the-Water this weekend, on an arranged sprog-handover between me and the inlaws (my son was off sick on Friday, so went to stay with Nana). I was there a little early, so I was wandering around the shops in town. I was pleased to get a chance to do it, since usually we never go in because the shops are quite small ("quaint", they call it here, but us Americans just call it "cramped"). Anyway, I found a "craft & needlework" shop, which, to me, screams out YAAAAARRRRRNNNNN! So I went in...

I am still, I should mention at this point, looking for the skintoned courtelle yarn that I was using on the baby project, since when I ordered it off the internet recently, I actually ordered the wrong colour, and I can't be bothered to buy more. So I thought that there might be a chance that this little shop would sell it.

Obviously, I was wrong!

Long story short, the guy was so nice and helpful that I decided to buy some yarn off him anyway, some lovely baby acrylic DK in pale yellow and pale blue, and it is out of this selfsame yarn that I am now making piles of baby birds and chicks. (And yes, the kitten pattern has been put on hold until after Easter.)

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