Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Notebook Pages

I scanned in a couple more pages from my crochet notebook the other day. Unfortunately, the scanner decided to crash the computer, TWICE, so I took snaps instead.This first one is of a little sketch for an amigurumi doll, perhaps with her joints on the outside...Hmmm. In order to accomplish this, I will probably have to move to proper teddy bear joints, but I'm not really ready to go there yet, I don't think. I've got plenty on my plate at the minute!

On the right-hand-side is the beginning of my kitten pattern, which you are entirely welcome to use, provided you can read/understand it!
This next one is just a pair of sketches for some upcoming creatures. The elephant is inspired by a Muji plushie that I was given as a leaving gift from my last job, and the one on the right is just a weird little alien, who takes a bit of inspiration from Zorst, the barnacle alien on Space Pirates. I know, it' s obscure, but I like Zorst, because he's voiced by Dominic Byrne, the newsreader on the Chris Moyles Show (which I listen to on the way to work). Also, Space Pirates is on CBeebies, which I watch a lot with my son.

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