Sunday, February 17, 2008

Journal Sneak Peek

I believe everyone should keep a journal, if only as a way to keep thoughts so you don't lose them. I have struggled all my life with HOW to keep a journal...Try as I might, I was never able to keep a diary as a kid because I would set myself this rigid format of how a diary should be kept, and then I'd make myself stick to it, eventually getting bored and throwing it to the wayside. I also, for some unknown reason, believed that if you didn't write in a diary EVERY DAY, there was no point, or else you'd have to update the diary with everything that happened in between all the times you wrote, which was a labour-intensive process...I'm even getting tired thinking about it.

Nowadays, I have a PDA that keeps all my appointments, and a little black book that holds all my little sketches and notes for crochet projects (sadly, not all the phone numbers of my hot boyfriends...I'm happily married, thankyouverymuch). Here's a look inside, at my current project, a baby doll:

I've only made an arm, so far, and I'm starting to think it might not be chubby enough. But I'll have to do the rest of him and see...I'm thinking that if he's chubby enough in the head/belly, he won't need to be chubby in the arms because he'll just end up looking like a marshmallow man...Not reeeaaallllllyyy the look I'm going for!

Oh, yeah, and before I forget: I've added a bunch of new links to the right-hand side of the blog...One box is for "Inspiration", basically things that I find stylistically interesting and inspiring to my designs, and one box is for "Resources", basically where I buy all my stuff! Please have a look.

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