Monday, February 2, 2009

Quick progress report

I have been seriously caning through these granny squares...Okay, "caning through" them for me is a snail's pace for most of y'all, I'm sure...

Just thought I'd give you an update. Here's a big stack of 'em, complete with a few of the little Irish rings that I'm also making to use up some yarn. I got them from the pattern in Textured Crochet (see my Amazon store).

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Gabrielle said...

Dear Clever Lady from Noisy Pitta,
I love your patterns.

I'm writing on behalf of Mark Hunt of Living Eggs. He provides chicken hatching to Care Homes in the UK. It's a wonderful programme and the residents are able to see chicks hatching. The words 'awe and wonder' are often used to describe their experience.

He provides a resource pack to give the residents the opportunity of not only seeing chicks hatch, but also to do craft activities, knitting and crocheting and cooking associated with chicks and eggs. Mark saw your Amigurumi Chick and would love to include it for the residents to make. Would you allow him to do this?
Many thanks for your consideration.
Gabrielle Henson (on behalf of Mark Hunt)